Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Welcome! I am typically a very private person so for me to start a blog is quite out of my comfort zone, which is part of the reason why I decided to. Like many things outside of our comfort zones our minds immediately give us all the reasons why we shouldn’t and why we should stay where we are. However there comes a breaking point in life where if you don’t do the things that scare you or feed your soul then it feels as if you are suffocating and you start losing yourself altogether. I have felt that way and I will never go back. I hope some of my experiences give you a different perspective and maybe a little courage to do the things that scare your or break away from the habits that hold you back. We are our worst enemy’s and it is up to us to not fight ourselves but work with ourselves to achieve the things that are inside us. Here is my story in my travels, experiences with people, perspectives, love, fitness, and just overall life. I hope you take something from this journey.

In the last 6 months just about everything in my life has changed, from my job, to the city I live in, to my relationship status and the people I interact with on a daily. So in honor of all the change within my life I thought it was time for me to change my habits and begin some new positive ones. I have been reading more, working out more, and now even journaling. I am in search of something but not quite sure what that something is. The not knowing what your purpose is, is a big struggle that I am fighting in my life. Especially when I feel inside myself that there is something more.



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