Breaking Boxing down to the C.O.R.E

Heart pulsing, blood pumping, sweat dripping, breath moving. These are all things you feel when you’re working hard and remind you that you are alive. Some people get these feelings from all kinds of things but mine is by exercise. From yoga to boxing I love those feelings and need them in my life to remind me that I am strong and capable of overcoming and enduring “life’s” challenges. One of my new found loves to get this feeling comes from boxing. There is something so great about boxing that feeds my soul. The intensity of it and the feeling of strength and control that it gives me boosts my confidence and my abilities if some shit was to ever go down.
Most recently, I had the great opportunity to visit C.O.R.E. Fitness and Boxing in Peoria, IL. It was amazing! The three guys that own the gym were very knowledgeable on the sport and passionate about what they do. From the moment I set foot into the gym I didn’t feel like a visitor but a local and regular. The coach/trainer, Michael Price, showed me around the facility and was more than helpful and happy to have me dropping in.
The gym has plenty of equipment for people of all skill levels. Whether you’re an experienced boxer or just starting out this gym is a great place to start. The class varied in age and gender and was not intimidating due to the welcoming nature of all the participants. The workout flew by not because of lack of difficulty but because it was never boring. Coach Michael kept it moving yet gave frequent opportunity for water breaks. His creativity in the workout proved he is in the right career field.
If you ever find yourself in the Peoria, IL. area and need a place to get a fun and exhilarating sweat on then C.O.R.E Fitness and Boxing is your place to go. You will leave feeling strong and confident to take on the world at your own pace, one hit at a time. This gym was such a positive environment to get a boxing journey started or progressed! It was here that I was reminded why I chose fitness as my source of life.